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Unique patent of UHT - Microwave graphitization technology
UHT has successfully developed an ultra-high temperature graphitization technique which has already been patented in several countries. In addition, we have devised production solutions for this technology which produce medium and high grade carbon fiber under stable mass production conditions. Three major problems which hindered the development of a high grade product were solved during development. These included the availability of internationally controlled and expensive graphitization equipment, some difficulties that arose in fiber strand chemical technology, low production yield and high cost.

UHT’s innovative production solution exploits the high absorption rate of carbon fiber for microwaves that allows a massive microwave field to gather and concentrate at the fibers. The fiber and microwave coupling capacity is amplified, and the speed of fiber self-heating is increased.

By using the microwave energy to directly heat up the carbon fibers, the internal temperature of the carbon fibers is increased continuously, and the heat flows from the internal to the external such that the graphitization temperature can be reached quickly in order to form graphite crystallization and to achieve the molecular reforming eventually. Ultra-high temperature microwave heating technology can greatly saving the energy consumption required for graphitization.