• CF Modulus Upgrade Turnkey
Carbon Fiber Upgrade Turnkey / CF Modulus Upgrade Turnkey
IM/HM Carbon Fiber Turnkey Solution
-Worldwide patented technology – Microwave Ultra-High Temperature (MW-UHT) system.
-Innovative approach to fast reconstruction of carbon fiber by MW-UHT technology.
-Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, 70% energy & 50% process time saving.
-Guarantee to upgrade mostly general grade carbon fiber to intermediate modulus (280 GPa - 350 GPa).
-Customized mass production system to meet your requirement. (150 - 400 tons/year).
-Facility + know how + automation = Excellent cost-performance carbon fiber production line.
Customized Mass Production System Specification
Feeding Creel
The feeding creel is the equipment installed at the front most of the production line. Various types of aligned creels are used for different specification of spindles based on the same speed and tension for winding in order to align the spools neatly that beneficial to subsequent processes of microwave graphitization.
Tension Control Rollers
Controllable tension system is extremely important to various types of carbon fiber products. In addition, the key factor depends on the application of final product, type of fiber, requirements for precise laying of fibers, etc.
De-Sizing Furnace
To remove the sizing on the carbon fibers in order to prevent sizing residual on the fibers that may affect the microwave ultra-high furnace operation.
Microwave Graphitization Furnace
During the various types of production process, the patented microwave graphitization technology is used to perform the ultra-high graphitization process that restructure the molecules into medium and high grade of carbon fibers.
Plasma Surface Treatment Machine
UHT uses the plasma treatment method to allow the carbon fiber surfaces to transform from hydrophobic to hydrophilic such that it can be sufficiently moisturized by the subtract resin in order to increase the bonding as well as to increase the shear strength among layers.

The main directions of improvements through the surface treatment are:
> Wetting
> Chemical bonding
> Roughness
Re-Sizing Tank
Sizing process is to apply a layer of high polymer (resin) protective layer on the fiber surface in order to protect the carbon fibers from wear and damage as well as to improve the processability of the fibers at the later stage.
The sizing formulation is established based on the type and technical requirements of carbon fibers. After the sizing, a portion of the sizing liquid penetrates among the carbon spools, and another portion of the sizing liquid is attached onto the carbon spool surfaces.
Drying Furnace
It is mainly used to remove the water content from the surfaces of the carbon spools after sizing in order to perform drying with heater along with hot air circulation system.
Perform spool winding based on the same speed and tension in order to obtain neat spools.